IEF 19200

VvA organiseert webinar met best practices op 12 juni

Best practices for cooperation of rightholders and OCSSPs under article 17 Copyright Directive

Article 17 of the new Copyright Directive is designed to promote licensing agreements between rightholders and content platforms. To do this, the national laws must provide that online content sharing services providers (OCCSPs) perform a communication to the public and have to obtain authorization for the content uploaded to their services. Article 17(4) states the conditions under which OCSSPs are not liable in the event they do not reach an agreement with the rightholder. The European Commission is in the process of drafting guidelines for the application of Article 17 and in particular on the cooperation between rightholders and OCCSPs under Article 17(4).

The Dutch copyright society Vereniging voor Auteursrecht organizes a webinar meeting on June 12 (13:30-15:40) in which representatives of the various sectors involved will give their view on best practices (registration required).

Lees meer over de webinar op 12 juni.