IEF 268

De weergave van dit artikel is misschien niet optimaal, omdat deze is overgenomen uit onze oudere databank.

Ondertussen in Amerika

De in dit eerdere bericht gesignaleerde Family Entertainment and Copyright Act is woensdag jl. ondertekend door president Bush. Wired bericht dat Bush "signed it privately and without comment."

"The legislation creates an exemption in copyright laws to make sure companies selling filtering technology won't get sued out of existence. The legislation also contains crackdowns on copyright infringement by explicitly providing no legal protections for those companies that sell copies of the edited movies, creating new penalties for criminals who use small video cameras to record copies of first-run films in movie theaters, and setting tough penalties for anyone caught distributing a movie or song prior to its commercial release. The legislation also reauthorizes a Library of Congress program dedicated to saving rare, culturally significant works, such as home movies, silent-era films and other works that are unlikely to be protected by the big studios."  Lees Bill hier.