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Persbericht EPO: "The European Patent Office is an asset for the Dutch economy"
As the largest international organisation located in The Netherlands, the EPO is well integrated in the national and regional business life: "The European Patent Office's operations and investments at The Hague significantly contribute to the Dutch economy, especially the province of Zuid-Holland", EPO's new Vice President of Directorate General Operations Mr Hammer explained. "For every 266 Euros spent in Zuid-Holland, 1 comes from the EPO. (...) This is a thriving, multi-tasking and multi-faceted enterprise with a very demanding mission." "By granting patents the EPO brings legal certainty to the innovation process. In that respect, our work is very close to tasks performed by other institutions located in the 'capital of law'". De problemen met de Nederlandse bureaucratie zijn nog niet opgelost, maar daar wordt aan gewerkt, aldus mr. Hammer. Lees meer en nog meer.