IEF 294

De weergave van dit artikel is misschien niet optimaal, omdat deze is overgenomen uit onze oudere databank.

Fluffy Laws

Geen idee meer wat je moet roepen als je je om wat voor reden dan ook in je kuif gepikt voelt? Probeer eens "Auteursrechtinbreuk!" Lucht op en je haalt gegarandeerd de krant:  "The San Francisco Board of Supervisors was outraged today upon hearing the news that Turin, Italy, passed a law that fined dog owners $650 for not walking their dog three times per day. Turin also passed laws forbidding owners from making their dogs look like "fluffy toys".

The result was the city of San Francisco filing a copyright infringement suit against the city of Turin.  "We came up with this idea first!" cried Supervisor Chris Daly.  "We have many more laws like this just waiting to be passed.  Turin stole our ideas and packaged them as their own.  We won't stand still for it.  They're going to pay.  Big time." Lees meer.