IEF 226

De weergave van dit artikel is misschien niet optimaal, omdat deze is overgenomen uit onze oudere databank.

Family Entertainment and Copyright Act

Ondertussen in de Verenigde Staten: It will soon become legal to alter a motion picture so long as all the sex, profanity, and violence have been edited out, thanks to a bill called the Family Movie Act, an attachment to the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act approved Tuesday by the House. The Senate has already passed its own version, and the President is expected to sign it.

Overall, the bill is a big win for Hollywood, with significantly harsher penalties for common bootleggers. But the 'family movie' provision ... indemnifies any company that makes prudish versions of movies available without authorization. File sharing will remain a crime, but so long as all the good parts have been purged, a sort of Puritanical bootlegging will be tolerated, if not encouraged. Lees meer in The Register.

Nog meer USA nieuws, over merken en verwatering: De nieuweTrademark Dilution Revision Act 2005. Interessant genoeg voor een eigen bericht, maar hier al afdoende besproken door de IPkat.