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Beta versie image search in eSearch plus

Uit het persbericht: A completely new way to search for images. It happens to us all, you don't remember someone's name, but you can certainly put a face to them. When you are searching for trade marks, you may have that same feeling, but, what if you can use visual elements in your search? We are introducing a beta version image search in eSearch plus, so that we can collect direct feedback from users like you.

Visual search
Proper trade mark clearance is the key to a successful application. With eSearch plus, you can search for, or monitor, images combined with criteria like the Vienna and Nice Classifications. Just click on the camera icon and drag and drop an image into the search field to find similar-looking marks.

Search for exactly what you need Select and adjust a red frame to zoom in or out of the areas you want to search for.

Power your search with classification Combine your image search with the Vienna and Nice Classifications. Available in advanced search.

See up to 100 results at once With three different viewing options: Detail List Images

Upload different formats You can use any of these formats: jpg, png, gif, tiff

Combine with other search criteria Such as trade mark name, type or filing date, etc.

Colour search Look for trade marks registered specifically for colour protection.

(...) Ready to try it?
For all our information on how to perform an image search successfully, please read our help files. With this new feature of eSearch plus we are following the practice of modern IT companies and launching a beta version. This way we can receive your feedback and make the required changes in real-time. Give us your feedback.